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  • Listening to: My own advice. And lots of audio books.
  • Reading: Everything by Terry Pratchett (That's a lot!)
  • Watching: Art Tutorials on everything 3D and 2D.
  • Playing: with my wacom tablet still, until it kills over.
  • Eating: Delicious air.
  • Drinking: Coffee. Because it's cheap and it works.
I'm going to be a lot less active for awhile. As in, inactive for awhile. ...sadly.
I feel as though there is an unyielding and overwhelming pressure on me to do more than I have done so far.
I don't feel like the same artist/person that I once was. I feel as though the fire inside of me is beginning to wane.
I'm growing tired of trying to face the people around me. I have friends, very close friends to keep me company and keep my spirits up. ...luckily. :heart:

I don't need a pity party, but I thought I should explain to my friends and my fans/watchers that I won't be or I most likely won't be creating some of the same stuff that they know me for. And if anyone is left to watch me, follow me, or encourage me through compliments, faves, and special features. I will be grateful for all of their kindness and kind gestures.

When I return, and I will one day. I will explain, and update my journal in full detail. But I will try not to be too wordy or boring. guarantees. LOL
I hope whoever enjoys reading this journal entry (as it seems some few do). I hope everyone that cares to know, and now knows, that they will understand.

Peace, Love, and Good Fortune to All. :wave:

  • Listening to: Lindsey Stirling (An amazing violinist!!!)
  • Reading: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Glaxy
  • Watching: Sci-Fi/ Films & Philosophical Films
  • Playing: With my wacom tablet until it kills over.
  • Eating: Not-yo-burritos and Not-yo-nachos
  • Drinking: Coffee...COFFE-E-E!!! ...triple brewed.

In the beginning of 2013 I started out with a better and clearer view in my life. I didn’t know for sure if pursuing a degree in film & animation would turn out being a wise decision, luckily it was. That being said, I have learned a lot and I know that I still have a lot more to learn. I’m extremely happy that I made it through my first year in college! :faint:

My art is starting to improve and change a little, and for the better in my opinion. Making sense of my artwork was clear before, but now there is much more clarity to be found in it, and I definitely needed that.  I must say that this has yet to change my random artistic nature, so there will always be those moments of uncertainty in my artwork from time to time.

Fan art, is this still relevant to me? YES! I plan to produce some work that is totally based on some obscure movies and TV series. What exactly?  I haven’t narrowed it down yet, but it’s good to have a goal and see it through that much I can say. I’ll try a few ideas out and hopefully with the right feedback I’ll continue creating the fan art.

How about my personal life? It’s going much better than it was a year ago. A made a friend, I fell in love with her, and we are still together. Love is a necessity for most people in one form or another, just as long as it’s a healthy one that is of course a must! Money is still a long lost friend to me and sometimes it’s something I don’t necessarily miss, but it’s nice to have it when the need for it presents itself.

How about some news on the direction my photography is taking? Okay, I’ll try to explain myself as best as I can. My macro photography is what I got extremely addicted to shooting, but sometimes I feel like there’s so much more that I haven’t tried to capture/portray with my photography. Conceptual photography and still life photography is still a passion of mine that I’ve put on the back burner for too long, mostly because of school, homework (also school related), and because I wanted to take some time to study many photography concepts. The photographer I see my as is a story teller. I want my photography to break boundaries, broaden people’s minds, and to make the viewer question how the imagery affects them, no matter how simple or complicated the subject.

I think, hmm… yeah, this is pretty much the gist of it all I suppose. I wish I had something profound to say as I attempt to bring this journal to a close, but I guess maybe another time.


On second thought, I think I have one last closing word to add.

Don’t take what people say too personal, they may or may not mean what they say to you, and if they do mean it, well, at least you know for sure what they really think of you. …but that’s just my opinion.

:la: Get off your ass and go outside!!! ...please.

  • Mood: Wow!
  • Listening to: Adele (Well I was when I wrote this).
  • Reading: Mythology books again and again
  • Watching: Cartoons from the 1980s and "beyond"
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!! ...until it dies.
  • Eating: 8bit foods
  • Drinking: Coffee...COFFE-E-E...SOOODA!!!!!
Where has the time gone? No really! Where?

I've been sooo lazy updating this journal, but I have a good excuse—I guess. :giggle:
School, homework, photography, drawing, learning animation?
I'm busy. How busy? Busy enough. . . I'll just leave it at that. :lol:
I hope all my Watchers, friends, fans, and simply curious viewers, are enjoying the work I've been sharing. It's all soooooo random still, and I'm finally feeling okay with being that randomly inconsistent artist on dA (and eventually I'll get around to creating a gorilla-ink facebook account, and maybe a few other accounts that will feature my work). Some sites will have specific work that I'm creating currently, with the help of what I'm learning while majoring in media arts & animation. Little by little my artist's life is starting to look up. My personal life? Well, it's getting there slowly but surely one step (baby step) at a time. Life isn't a race, even though it feels like it is at times but really it's more like a pogo stick. Sometimes you bounce, sometimes you fall and shatter your hopes, and sometimes (if or when you get lucky) you bounce the bejesus out of that pogo stick until you're so high you have to wonder if you're flying for real and never going to hit bottom ever again. Hopefully I'll stay up and never come down. :lol:

What's in store for 2013? Anything and maybe everything, that's how I see it, you must live life with the most positive outlook you can imagine, because anything else just won't do.
So, as I said before, expect to see all kinds of black and white photos, conceptual photos, still life photos, a ridiculous amount of those addictive water droplet macro photos, and yes a ton (a shit-load) of self-portraits and many other photos of friends and random portraits of strangers, because strangers love it when some other stranger takes a candid or planned picture of them. :P Expect to see more Gir fan art- because I still love to draw that crazy SIR/Gir. Expect to see more of Kobolt (my imp, that's a devil in the making). Expect to see some animation- eventually and of many types and styles, some too cute or too funny to resist, because laughter is the best medicine still. Also expect to see more writing, short-stories, poems, lyrics, philosophies on life and how I go about living life with these philosophical views of mine.  
I hope ALL of you have the greatest day, week, month, year, and 100+ years. (Hey, it could happen!) :lol:

TAKE CARE! :blowkiss:
-Tim (aka gorilla-ink) Who else? :icongrin--plz:
  • Listening to: the advice of myself and my REAL friends
  • Reading: Philosophy books again and again
  • Watching: Old Black and White movies
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!! ...until it dies.
  • Eating: My Words.
  • Drinking:!!!

and come to think of it ... ... ... ... I think they still are.

I know that it hasn't been a full week or seven days yet since my last posting, however I finally had the time and the energy that was needed to start shooting somethings different for a change.
I will still post my well known water droplet macros from time to time and still life shots too, but I must move into other areas of photography that I had put off or avoided because I felt so limited by my camera. And I still have much more writing to share from long ago (poems, super short stories, and some philosophical thoughts too) and some that are new or will be as soon as I get to writing.
...Well that and there's not so many fans of black and white photos as some might hope to think there are.
Not all of my newer photos will be black and white but there will be more portraits of other people and more self portraits too.
I'm not a young shirtless muscular man or whatever else you may desire to see so I know I won't knock your socks off. :blush:
But just enjoy my work if you can...thank you. :)
  • Listening to: Self Doubt
  • Reading: School Books
  • Watching: My sanity slip away
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!! ...until it dies.
  • Eating: Whatever I want.
  • Drinking:!!!

Thanks to recent unnerving dissatisfaction (my own dissatisfaction mind you),
I'm not posting anything else for 1 week.

But when I finally do post something new, I hope to have satisfied the worst critique to have ever lived...ME.
I will still fave other artist works, and I will still reply to any comments on my other posted works.
And I will answer any notes as often as I can, I'm not totally gone from dA, instead I'm just not posting anything until
I am satisfied with my results in some new project ideas I had been needing to attempt but never dared to because
of my camera and it's ridiculous limitations...that and many other reasons I just don't have the time to go into.

Take Care Now :)

  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: The Chemical Brothers Discography
  • Reading: Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time
  • Watching: Adventure Time (Off and On) ...again
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!! ...until it dies.
  • Eating: Things that start with the letter P
  • Drinking:!!!

Hi All, Fans, Watchers, and just simply Curious!!! :wave:

I hope your all having a great weekend.

I am enjoying these different macro photos of water drops and whatnot's.
I'm extremely happy to see and read that you are too. YAY!!!
Well I am working on creating a brand new macro photography tutorial,
it will mostly be filled with how to capture stunning shots of water drops
and sparkly tinny tiny things. But there will be info on how to shoot macro
of objects that are less than 1 half inch, and make it look like a thing of beauty.
And also how to do this on a cheap frugal budget and still get breathtaking macros.

Just a little heads up on what to expect this new macro tutorial will cover,
and I needed to update my journal entry anyway.

:heart: TAKE CARE NOW :heart:
  • Listening to: GN'R Use your Illusion I & 2
  • Reading: H. P. Lovecraft's Fiction Volume I, 1905-1925
  • Watching: Videos on digital grading in cinematic movies
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!!
  • Eating: Pizza ...and more pizza
  • Drinking:!!!

Hi All, Fans, Watchers, and just simply Curious!!! :wave:

I hope your all having a great weekend or
at least one that you'll be able to survive.
My photos are getting better I suppose since I keep
pushing my camera's limits along with my own too.
I just hope that I'm not disappointing any of you with my photography,
drawings, writing, or even in this new journal,
the critique in me is being a real ass a hole and just plain stupid too. XD

I'm not looking for any pity or sympathy,
I'm just venting a little and I guess it's a valid observation ...hmm?
Well whatever I just keep going and creating what makes
"ME" happy and what "I" love to create,
and if YOU do too, then what am I bitching about?
(That's totally a rhetorical question so please don't respond to it.)

Okay that's it I'm glad I got that monkey off my back.
Take care now ...all of you. :blowkiss:

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Kevin MacLeod (His music is the ultimate sound.)
  • Reading: H. P. Lovecraft's Fiction Volume I, 1905-1925
  • Watching: Science stuff
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!!
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking:!!!

It's raining AGAIN this week and ssshtuff like that, soooooo my pictures are kind of boring AGAIN. (And I' am still sorry if they are worse than boring.)
I'm still studying (there's lot's of studying going on) photography techniques and concepts so I will hopefully blow minds (AGAIN) and bust guts from laughter at my upcoming ideas, drawing, writings, and yes more photos too.

That's it just a heads up (Or a warning.) *just kidding* ...I really don't know still.

L8ter All!!! :iconhurrdurrplz:

  • Listening to: Beethoven Symphony No.9
  • Reading: The I Ching & Chuang Tzu
  • Watching: Immortal Beloved
  • Playing: with my camera EVERY DAY!!!
  • Eating: Pasta
  • Drinking:!!!

I'm trying to make a lot more still life photos with lots of bokeh, and also just the right amount.
Plus some of my photos coming up are going to have semi-dark themes to them...
and also hopefully be darkly colored and darkly captured bokeh or rays of light.

So much to do in the coming new year, and I can't wait to get my next new camera(s)...I'm hoping to get one more
Nikon (an older model for two very good reasons) and my other camera is either going to be a Pentax or Canon,
also an older model. Money is tight right now but I have a huge gut feeling that things are about to change, and this time it will
be for the better...YAY!!! I love when the crap isn't flying off the fan at a hundred miles an hour at me...doesn't everybody though. :XD:

Well, well, well...the year that had more lows than highs (even though every other year usually does for most people) is almost over,
and I hope you all have a HAP-hap-happy New Year!!!

Now go get wasted off your butts on whatever you do get wasted on (within reason of course).

  • Listening to: Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity
  • Reading: The I Ching
  • Watching: Mommy kissing Santa Claus.
  • Playing: with my camera...still.
  • Eating: Buritos
  • Drinking: Coffee...again...and again.

...but I'm not going to let it stop me from posting all that I can,
it's up to me to get past this bug issue and just keep plugging away and post my art...however simple and unoriginal it has been lately.
I'll break the rut I've gotten myself into.

  • Listening to: Dream Theater: Falling Into Infinity
  • Reading: The I Ching
  • Watching: Mommy kissing Santa Claus.
  • Playing: with my camera...still.
  • Eating: Buritos
  • Drinking: Coffee...again...and again.

So I'm not going to be posting anything for a few days or until the "bugs" are fixed
(all depending if my dA addiction doesn't overpower me...again).

Also I am kind of fizzling out a bit, Macros are getting me down since there's not much interest in them lately it seems.
I'm sorry I've been spamming you all with typical simple looking droplets and what not.

Hopefully the new year will bring a new change, filled with creative ideas and challenges too...artistically speaking of course.
And remember...SMILE by goRillA-iNK

  • Listening to: We Are the Night: The Chemical Brothers
  • Reading: The I Ching
  • Watching: I went and saw: IMMORTALS
  • Playing: with my camera.
  • Eating: Ice Cream
  • Drinking: SODA

Just trying to keep my head clear and my art flowing steady.
I'm hoping my fans/watchers are enjoying my never ending random style of...everything.

Well I guess that's it. :meow:

  • Listening to: Blood Curdling Screams
  • Reading: The Book of the Dead
  • Watching: Monsters bobbing for heads
  • Playing: Hangman
  • Eating: Brains...lot's of warm yummy brains.
  • Drinking: Eye of newt broth

I'm going to be watching spooky movies tonight, and yes maybe even a few black & white classics as well.
I hope you all have a safe, great, and Happy Halloween.

  • Listening to: Blade Runner - OST
  • Reading: 1 book
  • Watching: The Dow go up and down. :/
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee

Yep that's what's on my mind, and on the agenda- a photo challenge.
I'm sure it's been done before, and at this thought what hasn't been done that's out there. (really)
I am hoping to do self expressive photos of emotions, this may or may not go over well, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.
Drawing new things has been kind of at a stand still for me- again.
Also I'm just curious to see if I can actually accomplish an artist challenge that I feel compelled to do,
and you know what happens when we artist are compelled to do something new it is usually a moment of growth for us.

Well with that said, please feel free to wish me luck- if you like. (Cause I'm more than sure I 'll need it.)

Thank you for being there for me my fans, watchers, and curious passer by's.

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Random: movie soundtracks
  • Reading: 8 books
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
Howdy all!!!
I'm back!!!
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Random: movie soundtracks
  • Reading: 8 books
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
Thank you to those that have given me a chance to try something different and a little new, compared to what I have
been creating or trying to learn. I am taking a small break from dA but, I will post what I can from time to time- as long situations permit.

Thank you for all of the many faves, views, comments, compliments, downloads, watchers, llamas, and much needed fun.
I wish you all the very best while I go take care of many situations that require my attention, and while on this break to hopefully also discover my next move as an artist.

Peace & Love
:heart: & :peace:
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Random music tracks
  • Reading: 4 books
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
This is my first time ever doing this ( and I hope it won't be my last time either, and I hope it doesn't kill me ).

The points will be going towards getting a subscription for a year ( or maybe even 2 years ). Lol
My cost may seem steep or maybe even outrageous ( who knows ). :confused:
However my time does have reasonable value just as much as any other artist, so please be respectful. OK?

Below is what I have to offer, please choose wisely.

:bulletred: Photography - 20 :points: per picture -OR- 5 photos for 75 :points: [Sorry no people pictures]
:bulletred: Chibi/Anime Art - 10 :points: per character -OR- 3 characters for 25 :points:
:bulletred: Traditional Art - 30 :points: per image -OR- 3 images for 75 :points:
:bulletred: Fan Art - 75 :points: per image -OR- 3 images for 225 :points:
:bulletred: Photo-manipulations - 75 :points: per image -OR- 3 images for 225 :points: ***tasteful nude manipulations are also available***
[NOTE] Super Large manips with lots of details will cost extra. Sorry

:bulletred: Literature - 10 :points: per poem -OR- 5 poems for 40 :points:

Please note that you WILL NOT receive the original UNLESS I know you in person. Sorry

Please post your orders below!
I'll get started as soon as your order is placed and I've got all of the information I need.
Also please be clear and precise as possible in your request/description ( within reason ).

Please DO NOT rush me.

Well that's all, now let the fun begin. XD


If you feel like tipping or paying a few extra points that's cool too. :D
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Random music tracks
  • Reading: 4 books
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
Thank you for Watching and for all of the faves and comments too. :)
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: My Nephews laugh at everything. :)
  • Eating: Cookies...lots of cookies
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
New Gir Fan Art is...COMING!!!
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Silence...much needed silence
  • Reading: An Instruction Book ( Really )
  • Watching: The News
  • Eating: Brain Food
  • Drinking: Coffee *sip* Coffee Coffee *gulp* Coffee Coffee
I got my new camera as many of you wonderful new watchers and faithful watchers now know. Yay!!!
So what does this mean, you may be wondering. ( Maybe )
This means that I will be able to now stretch my creativity legs
( if you will ) and start doing portraits, and just capturing life as it keeps on
thriving and racing onward. I still plan on doing these following things:

Writing Poetry, and songs, and my philosophy on life in general.

Drawing Cartoon Characters

Drawing Gir and Invader Zim fan art.


Cute creations in Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI

Creating logos

Designing tattoos ( Some of which I hope to get put on me someday. )

Well you get the point there's so much to be done, and never enough time to get it all done.

Thank you, all of you that have been watching, viewing, faving, commenting, complimenting, and have even helped to encourage me.
I appreciate you all.